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Escorts Dudley, Great Escort Services

March 21, 2017No Comments

Are you new to hiring Dudley escort services? Are you wondering how normally an escorts Dudley agency will price its services and the factors that contribute towards the overall pricing of escort Dudley services?

It is always good to be clear about the costs involved before contacting your escort agency Dudley. Having all your doubts clarified before you hire their services will save you from a lot of problems and you will not end up being a frustrated customer. Most escort agencies including your escort agencyDudley will charge you on hourly basis. You will have to make your payment in advance through credit card online payment or as soon as your escorts Dudley arrives. If you book escorts Dudley for one hour you will be paying your escort as soon as she arrives and if you happen to need more time with her and if your escort Dudley is free, you can extend the time by paying upfront for the extended hour.

Escorts Dudley

Besides the hourly rate, there will also be cab fee for the escort. Some escort agencies include the cab fee in the price they quote you while there are also escort agencies that will charge their customers cab fee based on your location. So you must check with your escort agency Dudley regarding their pricing policy. You must also look for any hidden charges they may levy.

Before making your payment, it always helps to check with other escort agencies in Dudley to see whether their rates are also close to what you are being charged. If there is vast difference in price, then it is best to find the reason. You will not be able to ask for refund after making the payment so it is best to have all your questions answered before you make the payment.

Besides all the above factors, there is yet another aspect that is tipping your escort. Though no escort agency or escort demands for a tip, it is just a nice way of appreciating the services you enjoyed. Some escort agencies will have their own policies regarding tipping. So it is best to check with your escort agency Dudley whether they have any such policy. If your escort agency does not allow tipping of escorts, you should respect their policy.

The advantage of knowing all the cost factors in advance is that when the escort Dudley arrives she will not be able to ask you for fee other than what is quoted already. If you do not know exactly what you are being charged for and how much you are to be charged, then it will become easy for your escort to quote misleading prices. You will be able to get straightforward pricing from

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